EDS – Physicians and Medical Professionals

I have decided to start a page of physicians that myself or other EDS patients have encountered.  These will be EDS friendly physicians or medical professionals, meaning that they are aware of EDS, willing to learn about EDS, and EDS patients that have seen them were happy as an EDS patient.  It will also include physicians or medical professionals seem to be well versed in EDS, and have been helpful in managing a patients EDS.  This list does not guarantee that you will like a particular medical professional.  Just as all people are not destined to be friends, you may not mesh with a truly wonderful medical professional.  It’s just human nature. I do not endorse or recommend any health care providers, it is your responsibility to interview and select your own physician.


If you would like to add a physician to this page, please contact me through livingbendy.com

4 thoughts on “EDS – Physicians and Medical Professionals

  1. looking for an ehlers danlos syndrome friendly physician in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Can you help me?

    • I don’t know of any in that area, please check ednf.org for more information. Or the Ehlers-Danlos Support board on inspire.com

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